Bpc 157 10 mg + bacteriostatic water

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All about Bpc 157

Package contents

  • Bpc 157 acetate 10mg powder vial
  • Vial of bacteriostatic water (0.9% benzyl alcohol)

Storage and transportation

In dry form, the peptide can be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight

In wet form (after the solution is prepared), the peptide should be refrigerated for up to 30 days at all times.


The substance is not a drug, food product or dietary supplement. The product is classified as a chemical reagent/reference material approved for marketing in the European Union, and can only be used for scientific research. The safety data sheet (SDS) of this product can be downloaded here

1 review for Bpc 157 10 mg + woda bakteriostatyczna

  1. Kamilex -

    I had a torn ligament in my knee, after eliminating the cause with a physiotherapist (without this no substance will help) I used 500mcg a day for 60 days and it significantly reduced the time of rechabilitation. In addition, immediately after the injection you feel such a cool relaxation, probably it's the effect on GABA 🙂 .

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